What are people saying about Barber Doza's class?

Why did I create this class?

The alarming barber exam pass rates motivated me to share my strategies. This class is designed to help you develop the confidence needed to pass the barber exam. In this online class, I share everything that helped me pass my exam. When I created this course, the average pass rate for the barber exam in California was 50%.

I wanted to help change that.

Do you need help studying for the barber exam?
Are you looking for a strategic study plan to give you confidence?

This class is for you. In this online class, I will give you the tools, knowledge and strategy to pass the barber exam.

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Testimony from Ashlee

"Your breakdown of how to prepare for state board is amazing. I wish we would have had you as a guest speaker when I first started Barber school (and cosmetology school when I started). Your breakdown is on point and your energy during your presentation was the best I've seen!"

Testimony from Mitch

"Your calm demeanor really settled me down and helped me realize this test will be easier than I thought going into the class. By having a proper game plan and applying the skills I was taught."

Class specifics

"How to pass the Barber Exam" is ideal to start:

  • If you have your exam date
  • If you have applied for your exam date
  • If you are retaking the exam

"How to pass the Barber Exam" includes:

  • Unlimited access to the online prerecorded class, broken down into easy-to-watch (and rewatch) segments
  • PDF worksheets to help you apply the course content
  • Exclusive access to 'Barber Doza's Flashcards' through Quizlet, designed specifically for the NIC Exam
  • The content was originally designed for the NIC exam, however, the format applies to all barber exams in the US.

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